Sensor Solutions by Market

Amphenol Sensors is the leading innovator in sensor technologies and measurement solutions. Offering the most diverse sensor portfolio of standard and customized products for the world’s most demanding regulatory and industry driven applications, Amphenol Sensors creates value by providing critical information for real time decisions.


Developing inventive, reliable sensor solutions that enable automotive manufacturers to accelerate the electrification of vehicles around the world.


Pioneering new and increasingly robust sensor technologies to meet the most stringent requirements.


Providing simple technology integrations backed by extensive engineering resources and manufacturing expertise.


Equipping the automotive industry with innovative technologies to protect the vehicle, its occupants and the environment.


Offering advanced engineering design and product offerings to solve diverse challenges across today’s military technologies and applications.

Heavy Equipment & Off-Road

Maximizing the efficiency and lifetime of your heavy equipment to improve operational costs, safety, and compliance.

Commercial Aerospace

Engineering next-generation solutions that make safe and efficient commercial air flights possible.


Meeting the most demanding requirements for process improvement, thermal validation and environmental monitoring.